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Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Children Coffee

Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world. However, most parents do not know whether to give their children this sweet beverage. In the US, the drink is mostly viewed as a drink that is used only by adults. A new study validates the fear that most parents have. Kids should stay away from coffee until they are older.

Loss of Appetite

This is a common side effect of coffee. In fact, people who want to lose weight have used the drink for many years. This can be quite detrimental for kids. If they are taking a copious amount of coffee, it could stunt their growth. They will fail to eat nutritional food, which helps their feeble bodies grow strong. The result will be old kids but with a very underdeveloped stature. This will also lead to opportunistic illnesses due to lack of enough nutrition.

Coffee is Expensive

If your kids develop a liking for coffee, it could lead to huge expenses for you. You will have to satisfy their expensive drinking habits with a lot of money. Even if you have an espresso machine at home such as the ones from Anodyne Coffeehouse, the grounds can add up. At times, this could as much as what is required for a semester of tuition in college. This is definitely something to avoid.


If your kids are too much for coffee, this means they will have problems with sleep patterns. The result will be kids who are awake at night and asleep during the day. This will affect their cognitive development. At the end, they will not be able to fit in the society. Furthermore, they will not concentrate in class due to fatigue. You will thus have deemed their future career prospects. As a parent, you do not want to be stuck with grown adults in the house who have no career ahead of them.

Coffee Stains Teeth

This is a common effect of consuming coffee. As an adult, you will know how to deal with it. For instance, you could purchase special toothpaste and brush on a regular basis. However, kids do not have the same discipline. The result will be high dental bills and kids with a low self-esteem. You can avoid this by denying them access to coffee.

Other Ingredients

Coffee is not consumed as a standalone beverage. Most people prefer to use cream and sugar. You kids will also use cream and sugar with their coffee. In such a case, it could lead to problems such as obesity. This further complicates the life of your children. Their entire life could be ruined as they end up obese and may require years of treatment.

Coffee has no positive effect on children. Parents should do their level best to ensure that children never have access to this sweet beverage. The risks associated with giving them coffee are simply too many. While it may make them happy for now, you will have to deal with the consequences later. Every parent wants the best for their kids; coffee is not the best for little kids. In fact, you are destroying their future by giving them coffee.

Surviving the Third Trimester: Experienced Moms Share Their Tricks

You’ve survived this far and you’re so close with just 3 months (or so) left to go in your pregnancy. Feeling uncomfortable will likely just become a daily thing, but there are many things you can do to help minimize the troubles most most experience. Does every mom have this struggles? No, but those who do are thankful to have a bit of advice on how to make the best of the situation.


As you get closer to your due date and baby moves lower in your abdomen there may be some relief from the heartburn you’ve felt in the recent weeks, but not always. In many cases you’ll have to simply figure out which foods are the cause and avoid them. Yes even the ones you crave insatiably!

Doctors recommend staying away from spicy foods and other acidic foods as these are often the worst offenders. If you know certain foods like pasta sauces or beverages have been an issue in the past consider those off limits for the next few months. Don’t worry, you’ll get to enjoy them again, but save yourself the pain and torture for now.


As embarrassing as this is it’s very common later in pregnancy, especially the third trimester. Often adding in flaxseed to your diet will help to lubricate the intestines and help things keep moving. Be sure that you’re getting plenty of fiber in your diet by eating things like whole grains. Eating lots of sugary foods can lead to worse issues and can even promote bloating which just makes the discomfort even worse.

Staying hydrated is also a challenge as the room for liquids in the bladder is reduced and therefore you’ll have the urge to pee constantly. Yes like every 5 minutes! It’s not fun, but focusing on keeping hydrated will help reduce constipation. Adding in refreshing citrus fruits to some cold water can help to encourage thirst and help you get the needed hydration.


These are just plain painful and getting relief isn’t easy. These are swollen blood vessels and make it hard to sit or lay without tenderness or full one pain. Proper use of pillows designed to give relief can help. Also applying cooling ice packs to the area may reduce the swelling and provide some relief from the discomfort. In severe cases applying witch hazel to the area can provide some reduction in symptoms. Ultimately staying hydrated and eating plenty of fiber will help to reduce these flare ups.

Bladder Control

Yes you know what we’re talking about. Peeing every 2 minutes and feeling like you need to go again just one minute later. It’s not fun and can even be embarrassing if you have any kind of incontinence. This can have happen from a sneeze or even just walking. The solution? Kegel.

Surely you’ve read about this for hours by now, but this exercise isn’t limited to birthing, but can help to strengthen the muscles responsible for bladder control also. Experienced moms say do this exercise everywhere you go, all the time. If you’re driving, do it then. Working, do it then. You get the idea. The benefits will extend far beyond your third trimester well into postpartom recovery.

You’re so close to the finish line. Keep focusing on the happy day when your baby is born and you can hold him/her in your arms for the first time. You might not be able to prevent all discomforts, but minimize the ones you can and keep your focus on the exciting day coming in just a few weeks.

Stay Warm and Comfortable

Having appropriate wardrobe options in these final weeks can be the difference between wanting to scream and having even a little comfort. Knowing you’re belly is only going to grow more and getting around, lying, walking and sleeping are going to be more challenging is incentive to look into design maternity clothing (like from this site). Reading reviews and talking with other moms will help you narrow down which pieces are the most valuable and you shouldn’t go without.

Keep in mind you’ll want some pajamas for the day of birth so if you’re going to purchase new sleepwear or loungewear you may wish to consider something that is multipurpose.

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