Hey y’all!

My name is Rebecca and I’m the founder of researchonkids.com. I was born and raised in the south and have my masters degree from Georgia Tech. I also am the mother of two adorable little girls, Kaylie and Sarah. The picture on the left is me when I was pregnant with my second daughter, Sarah.

I’ve started this blog to share what I’ve learned about pregnancy, parenting and raising children. There is a lot of information out there already, so why start a blog you might ask? The truth is, while there’s a lot of information out there already, a lot of it is poorly research and not backed up by data but is simply marketing to get you to buy more baby crap.

Now we all buy a lot of stuff for our babies and children because most of it is necessary. But ultimately, we all want to raise our childrens to be healthy, thriving adults and need the best information to do so. Now I am far from knowing it all but I have learned a thing or two through a difficult pregnancy and a couple of girls with strong personalities (they take after their papa!).

Join me on my journey where I will share all of my research on kids!

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